Formula for house prices

Is there a formula for working out by the square meter what you might sell your house for please?

Thanks for the replies but I'm sure I've seen a formula somewhere but for the life of me can't remember where which doesn't help right at this moment. We have had our house up for sale about a year now and have reduced the price recently but were interested to know if our price was correct worked out on price per sq. metre.. We asked a local agent last year to come and give us an estimate and he wanted 140 euros up front saying this would be returned if he sold the house.

Hi there.

Don't forget to ask local Notaires for a valuation. They will have actual sales numbers to hand so can give you an idea of prices per sq. metre of buildings and land.

As Ben said, there is not formula but it will give you a starting point to get a house onto the market.

It might be worth checking out sites such as Leboncoin too so you can if there are other similar properties nearby to give you a comparison.

Good luck


Sorry, such a formula doesn't exist; too many unknown factors in the equation. Best is to get estimates from a number of local estate agents...