Fortisip Drinks

Anybody used this or know someone who does.

My brother has been prescribed this to regain lost weight and I would like to hear from anyone who has personal experience…

Hubby has been prescribed these high energy foods/drinks. The drinks are OK but a little strange in texture. He prefers the desserts which are much more palatable. They are not a meal replacement but a meal supplement so, as you say, they help to increase weight although he has them for weight maintenance. They are also fortified with vitamins & minerals etc. Hubby sometimes has one for breakfast if he doesn’t feel like eating anything else.

They are available in France if you want to look them up. Here they are called Fortimel.

NestleHealthScience produce similar products as well. Their desserts are particularly good.

Cheers Mandy… he has lost so much weight… can’t eat at the moment and the Doc has got him on this stuff… :thinking:

He is booked for a trip up the river in Portugal at the end of the month… fingers crossed… :hugs:

The best thing about them is they are a small quantity to eat which is great if your appetite is not good. But if he’s only eating/drinking them then he’s not getting enough calories to increase weight.

Sugary, milky (full fat) drinks are good for calories and, of course, milk is very nutritious. Eggs are good also as they are soft and easy to eat. Soup is great if you add lots of butter and cheese to increase calories. Anything that’s easy to eat/drink and has lots of sugar and fat in it.

I’ve been trying to reduce calories all my life and now I have to add them to hubby’s food and drinks :persevere::yum:

I hope he’s feeling better soon… it’s always good to have a pleasurable goal. As you say, finger’s crossed he will be OK for his trip :hugs:

The Doc ordered a certain Xtra strength, but the lower strength has been delivered. I’ve told bro’ to double his intake, but he is not amused. Doc has reordered the correct stuff but cannot be delivered before Saturday/Monday.:zipper_mouth_face::rage:

I do so wish bro’ was here in France…

I imagine if he was here you’d be on the case and it would all be sorted by now :angel:

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