Fortnite anyone?

Any Fortnite gamers here?

{Cue tumbleweed and confused expressions on elderly people}

My son and I play regularly. Always looking for friendly and team-spirited people to squad up with.

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Give us a quick resume of what it’s about Dan and can us ‘silver surfers’ easily sign up?

Available free for download on most modern smartphones (iPhone 6S or newer), PS4, Xbox, PC, Mac and Nintendo Switch.

It’s a multiplayer “battle royale”. You skydive into an island—you can choose your landing spot—and you search buildings and surroundings for weapons, shield, ammo, medical kits, traps, building materials, etc. There are also vehicles such as quad bikes, golf buggies and even aeroplanes which you can highjack.

You can play solo or form squads up to four people.

100 players per match. Last man / woman / squad standing wins.

At first the arena seems huge but a storm closes in, forcing all players into a smaller and smaller battleground. You can take out opponents with rockets, snipers, machine guns, shot guns, you name it.

It’s fast-paced and can be quite hectic. I recommending landing at a coastal site away from the action and keeping a low profile. I usually last until my first or second encounter with another player.

Definitely worth a try. You can play in “Playgrounds” mode which is a lower pressure environment, to get your bearings before going in for a battle proper.

Ah! Sounds like virtual violence which doesn’t appeal Dan. Thanks for taking the time to explain and good luck in your Fortnite endeavours.

No. Just no. Hate that game… give me my Elite: Dangerous :stuck_out_tongue:

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Are you mid-universe, Ben?

Not right this minute, I was on my way to Sag A* but made a booboo and got my nice Krait blown up (something something no shields hard landing) - and stupid me flew without rebuy so I’m now puttering around the bubble in a Sidewinder making them space credits. Also entertaining :slight_smile:


My son’s into it, personally despite being something of a computer nerd I’ve never been that much of a gamer.

Partly I’m not that good but mostly I know I would just get sucked in and do nothing else.