Fosse - Micro-stations and Bionut - any thoughts?

I’ve recently bought a house and am researching the choices for a fosse septic and filter beds/treatment – currently we have nothing and I am keen to get this rectified quickly. The more I read the more confused I get. I do have an appointment with SPANC but I would like to understand things more prior to their visit.

A couple of questions please which I would appreciate advice/thoughts on:

  1. On the guidance (fiche d’aide au choix) which comes with the Demande D’Installation form it seems to indicate (if my translation is correct) that a micro-station requires more maintenance (e.g. in terms of emptying) than if you use the other treatment options such as a soakaway (tranchees d’epandage). However, general research into microstations talks about them needing less maintenance than conventional approaches. Does anyone have any thoughts on this and the pro/cons of micro-stations please?
  2. Does anyone have any experience/thoughts on the Bionut system where the waste water is treated through a filter containing hazelnut shells. A company has been recommended to us but they only install this system.
  3. Does the 35 metre rule only apply if you use a well for drinking water? We are in the process of being connected to the mains so do I not need to worry about the fosse location in relation to the well?

Any other thoughts/advice on the installation of a fosse would be gratefully received, particularly on how to keep costs down.


Sorry, I know its a serious question but I couldn’t resist it…

But back to the thread - you have done the right thing with the SPANC rdv. I think you will find them to be very positive and helpful.

What does your land/soil survey tell you - regarding waste water filtration/dispersal?


I’ve not had a soil survey done. I understood these are optional and SPANC will tell me if this is necessary when they visit? Or have I got the wrong end of the stick?
I was just after some general advice on peoples experience with micro-stations/bionut system so if we decide this is the way we would like to go then I have some knowledge for the SPANC visit.

Fair enough…

As you wanted details on how specific stuff works - I thought you knew that it would be suitable in your situation.

However, SPANC should be able to tell you what your land/soil will support… and advise/discuss best methods.

Make a list of all the questions you can think of to put to SPANC … and make sure you write down/make notes of the answers.

It’s all too easy to nod etc…at the time… and later find you have forgotten the detail of what was said. Been there, done that. :wink:

Yes - I was thinking that if anyone had any thoughts/advice on these systems it would help me draw up a list of semi - intelligent questions for SPANC!

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That takes me back Graham.

We have a micro station so maybe @james can help?

We have a spade that @james can borrow!

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I had a Tricel Nova FR/4000 micro station installed about three months ago and all seems to be working fine. It needs to be emptied avery two or three years under normal conditions.
Feel free to ‘pm’ me if you want more details.

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We have a Kessel micro fosse which is self emptying in such that the effluent from the fosse is 98.5% clean so it discharges in to the ditch along the side of our house. This system is on SPANK’s list of allowed systems. If you don’t have a ditch then maybe it could drain into a soak away.

Thanks Lyn - I shall have a look at their website.