Fosse septique/Septic tank (Cost to empty it)

Does anyone know the cost of having a fosse emptied? Approx.....


thanks for the explaination

Everybody is obliged to use a biological agent, however the French system of the kind since the 1960s is designed to be emptied every two or three years.

I have never heard of anyone having to pump a septic system or having those problems unless the system was badly abused. Septic systems are very common where I have lived and sewers were rare.. Do you put in the yeasts/ bacterias regularly to digest the effluents? The detergents and chemicals we use today kill them and cause grease and sludge to build up and slow the liquids absorbing into the surrounding soils. They should last 60 plus years.

I had mine empties last April it cost 230 euros i was shocked at first considering it only took about 40 minutes,but on reflextion this was the first time we have had to do it since May 2004 so all in all quite a realistic price.

Kind of. It is a septic tank but most have simply an outlet for the surplus 'water' (which naturally means anything liquid that overflows the main reservoir), that runs into the ground. I have a secondary grease trap, filtration and then water plants growing above the buried filtering into gravel. Many people have stinking gardens and a lot of streams and rivers are polluted as hell.

Having our tank done on Friday.205Euro.

Is a fosse the same as a septic tank system with a drainage field?

That's good to know...I will be calling you next time Mr. H is away and the flipping thing backs up :)

paid 160€ 4 years ago, but its near Uzes, fee may change from region to region...

Nigel, there is NO type of fosse that does not need emptying. So you were told a 'fib'. As to frequency it depends on how big the fosse is and how many people are using it regularly. The rule of thumb is to empty it when it is about half full of sludge, and to find that out you have to 'dip' it. Beyond half full it will stop working efficiently. Voilà!

Seems to be pretty standard at around 130€. Had my 1000 Ltr tank emptied commercially for 160€ including pressure washing all waste pipes. We live in the Manche though so it may also depend on your location.

Looked up our bill from two years ago, €130. So guess €150 might be about right now.

1 quote was 190€, but we paid 150€ for a 300litre tank.

Hi, about 300 euros.

Hello - if you can find an obliging farmer, you can pay as little as 80 euros ! We had our emptied this way, but he was obviously not a registered "emptier"

Hello Nigel,

Will probably depend on size. Our last 'vidange' cost 200 euros. It is worth shopping around though. One bilingual helpline member was quoted -from memory- about 420 euros and got it done by a registered farmer for -again from memory- about 150! So it pays to shop around.

Hello there

It usually costs us around 150.00euros

350 euros last time we did ours!