Fosse toutes eaux problem

Hoping someone can give me help with my fosse toutes eaux (septic tank). Bought our lovely house last year and whilst doing renovation last August noticed the fosse wasn't smelling good. Sitting outside in what will soon be a nice garden wasn't turning out to be a good experience! Before leaving at the end of August flushed in an activator to add microorganisms that may be missing which is supposed to work for up to 12 months.

Travelling back there tomorrow night but no internet. If fosse still smells bad, has anyone used something that will solve the problem? Any hints or tips would be useful.

Thanks, Andrea

I had the same problem. I flush down Eparcyl once a week, which took some time to make a difference. Also, check that the lids to the various openings have not been cracked by frost or lawn mowers. That turned out to be the real problem for me.

Thanks for your advise Ian and Andrew

Hi Andy,

They should be emptied when the level of sludge exceeds two-thirds of the height of the container, when this occurs depends on the use as Andrew says.

There's some straightforward advice here. Remember that the SPANC inspector will be armed with a dipping rod on his periodic visits and he'll need the vidange certificates.

They say every 5 years but that would depend on the use it gets ;-)

As for the original question, fosse don't like not being used and can cause problems (according to the local man from the spanc) if they're installed in gîte and second homes that only get occasional use as they aren't flushed through regularly with fresh "products" to keep the bacteria happy, and yes yogurt is an old favourite, especially if you let it go off first - leave it out in the sun for a while!

oh and so many systems aren't ventilated properly as has already been said

Thanks for the tip on the yogurt, Do tanks needs emptying?
mine has been installed for 4 years so it’s up to date and apart from the first six months whilst it settled in I have had no smells. Some people have told me you must have it done some say don’t bother.

Dear Andrea,

Assuming that your fosse is otherwise in good condition, the professionals, including the SPANC inspectors, recommend buying the largest pot of natural yoghurt that you can find and flushing it down the loo - and forget the packets of Eparcyl…