Four absolutely gorgeous cats

Sadly, when cat owners die, a large majority of their well loved pets end up on the street, trying but not succeeding, to fend for themselves.

This week we have taken in four such cats, all very cuddly, adorable, and affectionate.

If you can help in finding them homes, it will allow us to help others in similar situations.


Cali and Canaille

Sarah, Finette(black and white long-haired) and Cali

As with all of the cats adopted through Chats du Quercy, they are tested negative FIV/FeLV, neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

Finette née en 2006 femelle à poil long, noir et blanc numéro d'identification HTE142

Cali né 01.01.2011 male croisé siamoise à poil long numéro d'identification EVJ816

Sarah née en 2007 femelle noir, numéro d'identification HTM 480

Canaille né en 2009 male gris/blanc numéro d'identification 250268720151242

Thanks in advance


Oh more congratulations to Cali and Canaille, and their new family (families?). And blessings and gratitude to you Lynn. Now for the next two sweeties...we're sending good vibes.

Cali and Cannaille adopted!!

Here are another couple of photos of Finette and Sarah. You can't see here but Sarah has the most stunning eyes, almost blue!

The photos were taken by the lady who saved them. This was where they were living, in a dust heap!!

After everything, they are super soft, friendly cats.

Lynn, they are lovely, and they are lucky to be with you.