Foxy, found in a school where the children threw stones at her and her babies

Some stories never cease to amaze me and some people more so!

Foxy, a lovely light grey tabby and white young female cat was abandonned near a school and she had her 3 babies in a drain.

She came to Chats du Quercy Cat rescue charity after a neighbour to the school heard about her and that the children were taking it in turns to throw rocks at Foxy and her babies.

What is wrong with the teaching in schools like this where they can just turn a blind eye to this kind of cruelty?

Foxy was so perturbed and protective of her babies that is has taken us 3 days to gain her confidence and for her to allow us to treat the kittens who have a few health problems (not serious)

Foxy is a lovely natured cat,in fact very affectionate and a living being. Just goes to show what a lot of education work we have on our hands!

PS I meant to say that we have a whole load of gorgeous cats in at the moment including 2 long haired females, one 6 month old ginger girl and one 18 month old siamese