Foxy needs to be an only cat

You may have heard the story of Foxy? She was abandoned unneutered near a school. Foxy had 3 babies who she was very protective of, not unusual as the children at this primary school took turns in throwing rocks atthis little family to see who could do the maximum damage!

The kittens were about 3 weeks old when a neighbour to the school found out about Foxy and brought her to our charity, Chats du Quercy.

Foxy’s babies were delightful and as soon as they were able to leave us, found homes.

Foxy is left a little perturbed but a most loving, playful cat. Even after her experiences, she prefers human company to that of other animals - animals are so amazing aren’t they? We could learn an awful lot from them! She has the most fantastic irrestible eyes!

Foxy is now neutered after being tested negative FIV/FeLV and is fully vaccinated and microchipped.

If I had no other cats (I have 8!) I would love to have Foxy, she is such a great character and maybe would make a great Guard cat!

We’re in the Tarn et Garonne if you’d like to visit Foxy or any of the other cats we have for rehoming

Foxy is still looking and has become the most loving, adorable cat. Just one year old now, she is very playful and so loyal - she loves people!

FOXY femelle gris et blanc Née environs 01/10/2010 numéro d’identification - 250268720019067