Fracking and eathquakes... is there a link?

(Apart from Brexit )Is this another way that the UK risks disintegration …:thinking::zipper_mouth_face:

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This area has been prone to earthquakes long before Quadrilla started drilling.

Doesn’t that then justify the concerns about fracking in this area?
I guarantee it wouln’t be permitted in Maidenhead…

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Fracking is a complete con! Only people working in the company make anything, it exists on government sponsored loans of the people’s money!

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Is it coincidence that Little Plumpton (the fracking site) is situated on a ley-line that intersects the Great Pyramid of Cholula (Mexico), Blackpool Tower’s “floating” Ballroom dance-floor, and the Great Pyramid of Cheops? Look at the map, work it out.

I recommend tin-foil inserts in peoples’ footwear until this appalling fracking stops. Popacatapetl Pete.

PS it’s too cold and muddy to work in the garden today, so I’m just drinking Bovril with my thinking-cap on to keep snug.

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Sound science from @John_Withall who is an accredited in-house technocratic expert. I knew I should lay off the Bovril. :coffee::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If the same tax breaks were given to renewables?

Please send Bovril. We have run out. This is an emergency…

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I’ve two large jars of marmite going begging… if that’s any good… :zipper_mouth_face:


OMG - can we do a dead drop?!! X

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I’d send what’s left of my 250g jar, but I’d need a stiff mug before I passed it to Coliposte, as otherwise it would mean the horrors of “cold brisket” as the withdrawal symptoms are known.

So although I’m moo-ved by your plight, the milk of human kindness has run dry, so I trust you’ll be helped by the udders.