France a rip off for car parts

Just bought some car parts on line today brake pads for a transit van ford france wanted 124.31 euros for them I got them on line inc of p+p £57 ford uk price for the same part was £73 why do the french suffer this crazy price hike when normally they will strike about anything. It use to be rip off britain but now I think for car parts it’s rip off france

Philip, could you let me have the website links for the car parts please. I need a new radiator for my Espace and my garage is quoting me €400.

Thanks v much

One of the main reasons I have started a company here its called cheap carparts any thing you may need in the future mail me at

I’m with you on this Philip, our car parts cost a fortune last year. In the UK it’s normal if you are having lots of work done for them to discount the price a little to ease the pain of large bills (and to recognise that whilst the car is out of warranty we still go to a main dealership for repairs)…in France at the dealership full RRP. My husband tried the old “what is your best price?” line but it didn’t work - he got ‘the shrug’.


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Is there a mechanic out there who would like to tinker with a Volkswagen golf; only 40.000 kms on the clock, no accidents, one careful lady driver. I have installed new parts within the last five months, invoices to prove, but now the automatic gear-box has given up! 500 euros to collect car. I live in Burgundy.