France extends Covid-19 health emergency until July 24

And in French here

That’s completely scuppered our income for this year then! I hope we can at least be open for french clients…

Being placed in quarantine on entry to France (and possibly on returning to the UK) is going to make visits difficult - is there any more info on that?

I’m assuming that some time between the 11th of May and the 24th of July people will be allowed to move about the country beyond the proposed 100 km limit especially if bars, cafes and restaurants are open again.

I think that is fairly doubtful TBH and it doesn’t help @anon88169868 :frowning:

L’état d’urgence sanitaire is just the legal basis for the regulations on movement etc. It doesn’t in itself change anything. It just gives the government the power to act. Which is why the health minister could announce the new restrictions on entering the country. The état d’urgence gives him the power to do this.
The extension won’t change anything apart from giving the government two more months during which it can take exceptional measures to control the virus.
As I understand it, the new regulations relating to the green and red zones will not change unless the government decides on May 7 that it’s not safe to allow a relaxation of the rules. So as of now, all shops and businesses like hairdressers in the green zone will still open on May 11 and we’ll be able to drive anywhere within a radius of 100 km from our homes without an attestation dérogatoire to justify what we’re doing. And bars and restaurants could still open next month. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Thinking of which, am I alone in finding it hard to take seriously something called a “derogatory certificate”?

As Corporal Jones would say: “Don’t panic!!”


It has not been voted on yet, so we need to wait until, Tuesday to see what is actually agreed.

And the 100km applies whether you are red or green.

But it’s something that is important for some people and as such a valid question. I’m very keen to get back to the UK - MYy Dad is 93 and my Mum 90. I’m desperate to see them - having not seen them for over 3 months. But I need to know any rules.


Sorry that one flew several yards above my head.

Oh - just realised you are referring to the zones on the map.

After May 7th each department will be ranked red or green and different rules will apply. At the moment som of us are assessed as orange but by the 7th we will be in one category or that other. You can see the map on the Figaro website, amongst others.

That’s the area I haven’t found details on…apart from schools and perhaps leisure facilities what might be the difference between them?

All in the Figaro Jane. Basically… Green departments can “open crèches, parks and gardens, “small museums”, certain nature sites and colleges”. In red ones “certain shops” or “outdoor locations” will remain closed. However, primary schools will reopen from 11 May regardless and cafés, restaurants, cinemas, beaches and large shopping centres will remain closed regardless throughout France until at least June 2nd. Either colour gets to travel 100k without an attestation from May 11th.

I’d say that’s all the clarity there is now. Ireland has come up with an impressive five stage plan but how workable it is remains t be seen. The UK seem to be flying by yhe seat of their pants.

Yes what I’d thought. Slight difference in education and leisure facilities, and maybe more restrictions on shops, but otherwise no great difference it seems.

Yes, all a bit wooly at the moment… tous un peu flous :roll_eyes:

I was replying to Timothy’s post not Paul’s question!

Absolutely agree with you, I am in the same position re my parents but I can’t risk traveling and not being able to get back into France. Besides I could well end up infecting them so difficult as it is for all concerned, they are better off seeing me on Skype :frowning:

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I look forward to the hairdressers opening again, although there may be 100 or so other people in the line ahead of me.
I just have this feeling that the UK , without a proper leader or any original ideas, keeps trying to copy other countries about what’s what, they simply copied France’s lockdown but without the derogatory attestations, now they want to copy about lifting lockdown, they just copy other people, baa. Excuse me for being controversial.

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I believe the detailed decisions on what can open and when are going to made at department level by the prefets and maires, in the framework decided by the government.

Not me, derogatory means ‘exceptional’ or ‘outside the confines or limits of’. So a derogatory remark is one that falls outside the limits of politeness or civility.

Think in such terms of it you may (Yoda said) :smiley:

Some think it means ‘snooty’, which I’m seriously not never :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I agree with you Peter, French to English it translates as Exceptional Travel Declaration
not derogatory in the English vocabulary of ’ showing a critical or disrespectful attitude

Moving on… I seem to have lost myself in the best way to keep informed…followed the various English written editorials but which French tv station is better to follow? Do any of them have an English version? (It’s technical terminology I struggle with) Found 1279 but that’s a generalised europe station.

I’m assuming there will be a PM or President speech once decisions have been agreed on 7 May in readiness for 11 May.
Any advice would be appreciated.

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We watch France 24