France institution not refunded TUITION fee

Dear Sir/Madam,

Regarding Refund of Tuition Fee.
After Applied visa in Jan,2020 hereby trying for refund of Tuition fee after refusal I have applied for visa in France high commission,Delhi,INDIA.
we are two students who paid tuition fee above 5790/each Euro as well as we paid non refundable registration charges 570/each Euro as well as but still did not received back at-least of tuition fee.we applied for institute ’ LYON INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS SCHOOL, Lyon, FRANCE’ Two Students named- HARPREET SINGH & HARIPAL SINGH
i’m already aware that college registration charges are non refund able but he should return tuition fee of both students .I/m continuously following institute since 12 months by mail and call.
please help me where i can contact regarding same or you do needful.

Does the school use social media? Because usually I find that Twitter is the most effective way to complain and get results.


The Lyon International School has an account on Twitter. You can reach them using the tag @SchoolLyon

A brief and polite Twitter message saying that you’re refund has not been made is likely to provoke a reply.

Good luck…


Sir , Thank you for kind of revert. I have already shared on twitter.I’m looking a government-body to share this issue may be that can worth .

They will have sent you a contract, to which you agreed when you signed up and then paid the fees. I would imagine that the contract mentions the cases in which reimbursement of tuition fees can occur. I would also be quite surprised if the contract didn’t contain a list of very specific and limited reasons for any reimbursement. In particular, not obtaining a student visa in my experience is potentially not a valid reason for the school to reimburse you, as that is something the school generally has no control over. There might be also be a “force majeure” clause that allows the school to get out of reimbursing you due to the current pandemic.
Read the contract, seek legal advice on French contract law and whether the terms of the contract are enforcible and have been adhered to, and then decide where to go from there.

Dear sir,
I have already going through Study contract there is clearly mention ed about non refundable payment that’s only registration charges while college is not refunding tuition fee of amount 5790*2 as well .
still i did not get any mail regarding any commitment of transfer this payment in coming dates. they are replying only likely case has been forwarded into account department they will revert you . since 10 months we are awaiting .
A international officer Mr Spencer who was into our contact and shared activities on time of time of agreement with institution just not pick-up the phone He responded only once(in FEB 2020) that case has been forwarded to account department
They should give sensible revert at least . After all its disturbed our prospectus of future education. I’m afraid to say which type of institution is this …

If the school has any form of government sanctioned accreditation, you might try writing (in French) to the French Ministry of Education to mention the difficulties you are encountering in obtaining a satisfactory conclusion regarding your request. Maybe there is also some kind of public ombudsman for this kind of issue, unfortunately, I don’t know whether such an ombudsman exists.

yes sir thank you for kind assistance , I’ll follow same track Anyway if you find any contact detail of French education ministry than please share me as well.