France is going to stop Muslims from praying in the street

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I agree.
The french don’t do it so why should other faiths act differently in their host country?

These people may well be French so it is not necessarily their host country, it is also their country.

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Quite right, these people do this as a form provocation and show of strength, Islam is not compatible with Western civilisations. There will be much more bloodshed because of it all over Europe.

There should be no demonstration of religious fervour in the street by anybody, whatever their religion. Separation of church and state is a good thing, religion is personal and for indulging in at home or a specific semiprivate place.


But why should it bother those of another faith or those who don’t believe at all?

I agree with Veronique.

Because religion is like a penis - you can do what you want with it behind closed doors but no one wants to see it in public :wink:

and for info, that goes for any religion (read “sect”). France is Laïque and should be kept that way. btw I’m as offended seeing american politicians praying in public as I am muslims!


Offended, why?

“offended” is perhaps a bit strong, but IMHO, politics and religion should never be mixed and religion is something private, not public. I think France has a far healthier approach (separation of church and state) :wink:

Surely the point is obvious? France is a proclaimed secular state, but makes no issue with people pursuing their particular beliefs in private.
It is hard to go past the inference that Islam is an evangelical religion as is the Catholic Church. Personally I could care less if those believers worship a god or a lump of rock. It’s the evangelical bit don’t like…


Hello all! Anyone know why they pray in the street?

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Probably so they can upset the easily offended delicate people.

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Generally because there isn’t room in little mosquées de quartier which are just a room usually, so if the occasion warrants a big communal gathering they haven’t really got anywhere to go. You may have noticed mosques in muslim countries are generally huge open-centred spread-out buildings.

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So the logical answer is to build more Mosques.