France not top of the pops for expats

According to this study France is no longer the desired destination it once was for expats as Asia storms ahead. Le classement des pays où les expatriés sont les plus heureux .

Interesting. Singapore is tiny and hellish expensive so no way unless really rich (my picture of me sleeping in this post was actually taken there - coincidence). Thailand is to full of resorts full of expats and becoming hellishly expensive too - kind of on the exclusive end of things. Viet Nam. I have considered it seriously. It is a bit too far for my OH in terms of her aging and ailing father so we have probably missed the boat there. It is one place where I would have work to the full, my OH too because the people I work with there have met her and know her work, good medical care and at some of the international schools the standards are well above here. I think parts of India are interesting too and may soon go past many European countries. However, the biggy right now is Turkey. Several property agents who specifically worked in France have opened up branches there, whilst agencies in Spain and Portugal are downscaling.