France starts issuing speeding fines to the UK

Our son rang us yesterday from the UK to tell us that he has received a speeding fine from France dating the offence as the 23/12/18 but only issued a few days ago, he was on his way to spend Christmas with us.
A friend called in to see us a few days ago and informed that he had also received a speeding fine for the time he was over here in February also only issued a week ago.
So be careful you UK registered car drivers.

Not before time in my opinion.


I agree David. People living outside of France shouldn’t be able to drive dangerously because they think they won’t get caught. Let’s hope this continues after Brexit.


I received a speeding ticket for November last year, 5km over , 4 weeks ago!!

The Dartford Crossing toll cameras picked up my French-registered car in 2017 for non-payment of DART charge but only because I forgot, having registered the vehicle to my DART account, and paid it, a couple of times previously.

Yes leave dangerous driving to the indigenous!
Only my friends, who live in France also just received one and about the same massively dangerous 5km over like others posting on here.

So for the 3rd consecutive month road deaths have increased over the previous year. … 76532.html

Clearly the 80kph rule has not worked.

All people need to do is stick to the speed limit and they won’t be fined.

Not that difficult really.


In what way has the new speed limit not worked… ??

Clearly, I just wondered why people set out on a journey determined to break the law or are they caught out in unfamiliar surroundings with lower speed limits than they are used to and in some cases smaller KPH scales in the middle of their speedometers.

Road deaths increased,

Copped my fine just a week or two after the camera flashed. Again 5kmh over the 70kmh limit - on the sliproad between two Autoroutes - at 2 in the morning!

A fair cop… but then, a real fair cop would have probably not got out of his warm car to issue a fine or would have just bollocked me for the dangerous speed I was travelling at…

That is the ‘problem’ with the revenue-earning, never sleeping, no leeway auto camera…

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Yes, I’ve been following the figures… we have had several tragic deaths locally.

However, in the main… deaths were reportedly caused when drivers were under the influence of drink/drugs (whatever) and doing ridiculously excessive speeds… would have made no difference what the speed limit was 80/90/100…

On the other hand… some drivers clearly were unable to judge the correct speed for road conditions… since, whatever the limit… in slippery/bad-vision or whatever… one is supposed to cut one’s speed accordingly… those who failed to do so, sadly paid the price… and it is no comfort whatever to know that they were only going 5kh over the limit (whatever).

Deaths of young/old… total waste… and families shattered.


5 kmph over the limit is against the law - so shut up and pay up! It really doesn’t matter where you come from! You got caught - end of.


You’re so inflexible Simon :slight_smile:

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Yep - when it comes to nutters! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Carl… my comments are general and do NOT refer to YOU… I am trying to explain the current situation on our roads… from what I have read in the News and heard on radio… plus from the horse’s mouth (our Gendarmes)

It is felt/it seems too many folk no longer have any respect for Law and Order, let alone the folk who try to uphold it… so a Cop having a chat is more likely to be derided (albeit behind his back) once the offender has driven off, scot free…

With so many cameras vandalised etc the Cop in the Car’s job is to jolt folk into being reasonable/responsible.

Zero-tolerance towards offenders… has been widely publicized for months… This will be why a cop will not stay in his warm car… ZT has to mean just that or it loses its sting… and folk will ignore the threat…

Though harsh… ZT was brought in due to the excessively high numbers of folk insisting on driving above the limits (possibly in defiance to the 80)…

Parting with money is non-violent, yet it “hurts” and if it does not deter the offender… well that is up to the individual… hopefully, it does make the majority determined not to transgress again…


Just wondering if the ticket issued to drivers caught speeding in their British registered cars is directly from the French "authorities " or via DVLA, and does it have any licence point implications?

I’m still waiting for my ticket to arrive, 16 days now

No is the answer to the ‘points on licence question’ Mark, one of our clients has received four fines over recent weeks relating to French motoring offences (including going through a red light) but has had no loss of points on his UK driving licence.

Thanks Tim, we usually have a few UK guests each year who manage to get themselves flashed, up to now it’s never been an issue for them.

From the French Mark.