France to ban diesel fuel and vehicle sales

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I even goes further than that

“We are announcing an end to the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2040,” Hulot said

Guess I better start saving for a Tesla

Surely, we’ve all seen this coming regarding Diesel…and they are not banning Petrol Sales just yet… only cars…:laughing: … so we’ll probably be ok… but it will make an interesting project, tranforming our cars to solar power or red-wine power…:open_mouth:

All new Volvo models built from 2019 onward will be either electric or hybrid.

and let’s face it… if they are not going to allow said cars to be sold… there is no point in said cars being built… :smile:

I think I will have to change our car before then.

A friend who now lives and works in New Zealand came to stay last autumn. He was telling me about his new company car. He works for a telecommunications firm and often works in remote locations and was hoping for a Subaru and was initially disappointed when they provided him with a Toyota 4X4. He was even more disappointed when he saw that it was a hybrid. Once he’d got over the shock he came to really appreciate the new car. It is a hybrid and has both electric and petrol motors but it is only ever driven by the electric motors. The small petrol engine is no more than a generator to keep the batteries topped up. He reckons it’s the future.
(Years ago James May made a vehicle using the same concept on Top Gear)


General Motors-----Have the same for years---- it sells in France too—I have driven one in America—can’t even hear the engine coming in when battery is in need of charge !It is called* the VOLT *

It’s a good gesture but I think that petrol and diesel vehicles will be long gone by 2040. Electric vehicles will be mainstream by 2030 and so will driverless vehicles. The Tesla Model 3 costs USD 35,000. The question is when a comprehensive charging infrastructure will be set up in France and elsewhere. It’s now possible to do long distances in a Tesla but you need to plan your trip carefully as there are so few superchargers.

Charging bays are mushrooming round here. My little town has a street lined with them plus a few more in the main car park. I assume there must be state funding for them to have done this.

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What on earth will the farmers do with their tractors ?

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some of ours are really eco… they are using horses… it’s a new concept…:wink:

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I cannot see how a tractor can be replaced —so much power required !

One of these…

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Electric motors and hydraulics will produce all the manageable torque required.

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Mazda don’t think the petrol engine is quite dead yet…

Strikes me as a a sop to the oil industry. They’d be better off spending their time & money adding to the worldwide development of electric power & storage.