France Train Passes Half Price till 28th November

Carte Advantage eg Jeune, Senior, of various types are 50% off till 28th November. So 24,50 Euros for a 1-year pass instead of 49,00 Euros. Reductions on rail fares they give are prob 25-30% depending on the pass.

The offer is on SNCF Connect app and Trainline, probably other rail sales places too.

You can choose a start date up to 5 months ahead. Beware though as new rule in past year or two seems to require your pass to be valid on the date you use it to book a ticket, even if you’re booking for a later date when your pass would be valid.

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OH will be eligible for the Senior card in December. Hope it’s possible to get her one before 28th November, set to start around next Easter or thereabouts. We’ll have to see.