France unveils measures in battle against domestic violence

I think France might well be taking this sort of thing (violence) more seriously in the future.

mistaken post…

The battle against domestic violence will (of necessity) be fought on many fronts.

The link I have posted tells how Mr Macron listened in on conversations between Victims and Helpline and Gendarmes … and this has highlighted certainly one area where improvement is needed.

Hopefully, he will sort things, putting whatever is necessary in place, so that the Gendarmes will respond more favourably to a cry for help. :relaxed::relaxed:

No I meant I posted in error and couldn’t work out how to delete the whole thing, not that your post was in error! I think there is one embarrassed and possibly demoted gendarme today. But misogyny is rather endemic so I think it will be an uphill battle.

:rofl: cheers.

You are probably right - but we must persevere :upside_down_face:


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