Franco Belge fire bricks

(Lesley Robertson) #1

Hi all

I am looking for some help, I need to buy some fire bricks for a Franco Belge fire, I can get them from UK, but I am looking to see if anyone knows if I can buy them in France.

The company in the UK buys them from France, but can’t tell me who/where and they need to wait until they are shipped to UK then shipped back to France.

We are in (72) Sarthe.


(Brian Milne) #2

I was going to amend it but yes David, they are great. I idiotically bought fire bricks from the UK for a Rayburn because they were cheaper, however sending them here cost so much I would actually have saved a little by buying them here. Also, should your actual model stove not be on their lists, as was my case, just send them an enquiry. I found them very helpful and they will get them as and when we need them.

(David GAY) #3

Sorry that should have been

(David GAY) #4

www.pieces de

They sell all the spare parts for Franco Belge and deliver throughout France.