FRANGLISH: Meet locals and speak French!

FRANGLISH is a language exchange event in Paris. It's an innovative concept that enables native English speakers and native French speakers to meet. The aim is to practise a foreign language and make friends in a relaxed environment.

Our format of one-to-one conversations lasting 15 minutes each (half in French, half in English) gives you the chance to practise your conversation skills with multiple native speakers. The events last 2 hours and are held in PARIS (4/5 times per week), in NICE (twice a week), in LYON, in LILLE, in MONTPELLIER, in STRASBOURG, in BORDEAUX, in NANTES and also in LONDON. During the event you meet at least 5 different people.

FRANGLISH is not a course: it is a social event where you improve a foreign language and explore another culture in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Hi Isa

You're free to talk about franglish and include the link on your personal SFN page but please don't post any links elsewhere on SFN. I've removed it for you on this occasion. And if you want to advertise on SFN then please contact James Higginson.


Catherine, sounds great I am up for that. I am near Agen.