Frank Zappa

Interesting discussion about the life of Frank Zappa

If anyone has access to a good music streaming service like Qobuz you might like to try a few tracks of his album The Crux Of The Biscuit


Ooh, thanks for that

I deeply regret never going to see FZ in concert. I did see his son Dweezle and his band at a wonderful small venue with decent acoustics at Warwick University. The standard of musicianship was really first class. At one point he was playing along with a video of his father. I went expecting to enjoy maybe half the material and I was hoping my wife would get something from it. As it turned out, she , I and my son were enthralled.

I had tickets to see Zappa on the night of 10 December 1971. He was doing a matinée and an evening show and this was the fateful day FZ was sent flying into the orchestra pit, suffering injuries that kept him away from the stage for a long time.

Many articles report 'chaotic scenes’in the queue outside, but it was actually very quiet and everyone was very upset when they heard the announcement.

I did get to see him several times when he returned to touring. Sensational, every time

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Saw Zappa twice and met him once.

First time was at the Opera House in Manchester, can’t find the online info, but think it was 1969 - was very disappointed because the whole concert was electronic chamber music (which I’d probably love today). Second time was a year later at Manchester’s Free Trade Hall, where they did everything we’d hoped they’d do at the previous gig.

Afterwards, standing on the steps of the Free Trade Hall while waiting for our minibus taxi we were very surprised when the man himself walked out the front door (probably heading for the Midland Hotel next door). Several female members of our party presented breasts to be autographed, whereas I simply wondered why his skin was so pale… Mind you the breasts looked good too! The latter is a historical observation from another time so it’s not non-PC.

Zappa’s early death was a great loss, what might he have gone on to do…

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Just put on Joe’s Garage for a nostalgic listen :slightly_smiling_face:

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'If there are any Soviet troops in the audience, you may dance home to this… :grinning:

"Just me and the pygmy pony over by the dental floss bush’

Great compilation.

I was there that night. I saw someone flying through the air into the orchestra pit just as we were leaving the theatre. It was not immediately obvious that it was him.

All three acts in one go?

All -
Must be something Zappa ‘in’ the air - on the TV air last night was a Zappa two hour documentary - I’ve had a look and it’s on Iplayer for a few weeks so those who can hack player… Its showing as first broadcast 2021 so people may have seen it already.

I think of Zappa as the third of the triptych of the great Americana bands, the first being the Grateful Dead and the second Neil Young. All have great songs exploring the American soul, the Dead were the most profitable touring band ever I think and Garcia the greatest guitarist? Guess it could be a fight out with Zappa though, who could cover every style, but never did Garcia’s?

These bands didn’t just play though, they were massively formative in the development of American culture - the electric Kool aid acid test anyone? Compare the Beatles before and after they went to California - she loves me etc to lonely hearts club band, Lucy in the sky, the walrus etc - almost a completely different band!

One possible extension to the three bands could be the inclusion of the purple one…


BBC Radio 4 had a programme called Great Lives. This week’s edition - available on BBC Sounds was about Zappa.

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