Fraud on Christmas Markets?

I just walked through La Tour du Pin, looking at the preparations for tomorrows Christmas market. Suddenly I was approached by a young guy in English, who tried to make me understand, that he wanted to make a phone call with a public phone. Now the phones here only work with CB or special phone cards. He then asked me in French (so what) if I could show him at the telephone how it works. There he took out a purse full of 50 Euro notes and held one in front of my face and wanted me to give him my CB to have him make a free call (as he showed me on the phone manual).

I talked to a friend from the Gendarmerie, who thinks it was forged money and/or a new crime scheme.

Maybe it is usefull to have a look at the attached link. Bank Note Security

They work that same scheme where I live in Paris ... it seems so innocent to begin with, but once they get talking, it's obvious it's a scheme.

Oh joy!