Free Ad Space

Huh? ...oh yeah? No serious...I set up this Site recently, along with others, FaceBook pages etc...all to do with the Naturiste Complex, in Cap D'Agde. I live 2 beaches down, and Gig there in the Summer.

Many search online for 'CapD'Agde' for the Summer, as they do for 'Naturist' etc. so link-gathering was my intent..and selling AdSense slots...but having changed my wishing to bring down the Capitalist Infidel Pig Dogs ( in general ) The space is looking to be filled. There is nothing titillating on the site ...It is for tourist info for there and the region...It does link out tho' to other sites an pages...the content in which I cannot vouch for.

If you wish a free ad....let me know. I'll do the artwork and links etc.

I will be seeking and link-back arrangement

Members Only!...eeerrr pardon the expression!

err, No Takers? is it the Nudist thing? it too cheap? …How about Ads…only 99.99e