Free anti virus programmes

I am totally ignorant about computers, just toodle about on a PC and laptop. I have noticed on the laptop, which i run on wifi from the ADSL connection seems to click and bank a lot and is very slow. The AVG Free anti virus programme always seems to be running and it is driving me mad… i know it is meant to run, but it is seems to be taking over my life!

My question is, are there other free anti virus programmes that are as effective as AVG but not so intrusive..

Please keep any replies simple.. cos I really won;t know what you are talking about!

Many thanks... xx

Thanks David… diana

Thanks Clive, have downloaded Avast and am now running scan for nasties. Bonne soirée, Wendy

I agree Diana! While we’re on the subject of anti-virus programmes. I downloaded Ubuntu for my old laptop but can’t get my McAfee to reload…is there already anti-virus included in what I downloaded…sorry if I’m being thick!?

That is a very kind offer… what a great site this is… so friendly… no nasty snipey people… Really appreciate your help…

Many thanks Clive… tis a complicated world these days trying to avoid bugs virus and worms. Appreciate your reply… diana

I use Google chrome and have changed AVG settings to every other day for full scan… will change to maybe twice a week now after what you have said and then weekly. I will keep an eye out for any iffy things around and run full scan if threats about.

Really kind of you to help this ignorant woman! thanks again… di

Yes, if you are a light user, and are happy just visiting well known web sites, then once a week will be fine for a full scan. Do however keep your eyes on the news channels for any enhanced threats, as you may then want to run it a little more often.

As you are mainly a web user, it may well suite you to move over to Ubuntu, as this whole business disappears, and you can get on with surfing instead of doing Microsoft’s job for them.

Which web browser do you use? If you already use Firefox, then the switch between the two would be minor, just make sure you back-up all your work.

Thank you so much for replying Nick. I only use the laptop for Word documents, emails, facebook, twitter and of course open links. The virus scan seems to run every day when I open the lid! Is once a week enough for a full scan? I suppose it picks up anything iffy in the background as it is running??

Appreciate your help… di xx

Hi Diana, and welcome to the forums. The AVG is probably one of the best free ones you can get. Your problem is you need to schedule the disk scans to happen in the middle of the night ( making sure you leave your machine switched on ).

If you go into the advanced options from the main menu, and go down to the schedule options, you can also tell it, which day of the week you would like it to do it’s scans on.

If you are not a bug user of Windows programs, and just use your PC for browsing the web, and the odd document, then you may well be better off moving to a more secure system like Ubuntu Linux, as then this whole nonsense stops, and you can get on with doing what you want.

Hope this helps.