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Hi James..

The links when clicking on the advertised item (hopefully to gain more details)

do not work ...


Sorry, we couldn't load that topic, possibly due to a connection problem. Please try again. If the problem persists, let us know.

Try Again

I couldn't get it to accept me or my password

Hi Lynn

You need to hit the Facebook button and login that way please

I'll try again

Thanks Lynn :)

Logged in no problem. I've either created a new post or a classified ad, not sure. Hopefully Admin can fix it!!



I got there but like Robert, not sure if I've put my ad in the right place was a bit confused by the instructions and again, that's probably me!

Tush Lynne, we can't both be wrong!

I guess that's the point of testing in any case ;)

Logged in fine with my FB account, and I think I posted in the Business section.

Easy to modify photos etc, so what you have done is looking really good :)

I would like to place a caravan (static) on this new site. Which Classified category should I use - or how do I start a new one? Thank you.

Ooops sorry I didn't read the bit about having a business (I just put in a dummy test). Can't see how to delete it. Beg your pardon!

That's cool, don't worry about it :)

I have never gone to facebook, so how do I post on the classified?



At the moment it's Facebook only, I'm working on something better though :)

"At the moment it's Facebook only, I'm working on something better though"

Indeed! :)

Added a post. Is there a way by which I may include some pictures? Apologies if it already exists, but I didn't see it!!!

Thank you.

When adding a new post to the classified section look for this text. Drag a picture onto it and watch the magic happen.

ps, you are only given one image upload unless you is clever like wot I am