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Bonne lecture !
French Accent Magazine

@cat is this one which you reckon we should try ??? just wondering…

Never heard of it or them (the poster) in my life!

But perhaps @vero can take a look and advise !


Well I’ve looked at it en diagonale (skimmed it) and I’m probably an old sourpuss but it bothers me that there are spelling mistakes :slightly_smiling_face:.
You wouldn’t be buying anything but caveat emptor all the same.


Sorry if there are spelling mistakes (which ones)? FYI the post was written by a French native and the magazine is intended to help foreigners with the French language … :slight_smile:
Hope you still enjoy it!

Brimming has two ms, practise is spelt with an s when it’s a verb and a c when it’s a noun, that sort of thing :slightly_smiling_face: maybe more proofreading is necessary.

and, of course, some spellings (and possibly some words) might well seem odd to UK folk, if a piece is written in US English. :wink:

I wasn’t calling US spelling a spelling mistake :slightly_smiling_face:


No, I know… I’m just pointing out that US English is not the same as UK English.
I noticed some oddities and decided it was because it was in US speke…
but, once one is aware… onward, ever onward (with dictionary to hand :wink: )

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I think it might be a good idea for the French to be written by a native speaker and the English also to be written by a native speaker, because the English does read a bit oddly to me, and not because of US spelling :wink:

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Country of ‘English’ origin is a real issue, American English being so different at times.

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Daughter’s work takes her all over the world.
A misunderstanding in a contract/whatever could have serious legal/financial consequences.
So her firm sent her on a “course” in US… to understand the important differences between the 2 forms of English.

Why not? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


The magazine looks as if it might be quite useful… for basic, everyday phrases etc… providing it doesn’t touch on areas where the 2 forms of English differ in meaning… that could be quite funny… as I know from car-speke with American friends.

We often ramble/discuss/chuckle while sipping a nice apero… hmm… not sure if the alcohol helps or hinders :wink: :wink:

Having spent a couple of years with Duolingo, sorting out the possible American construction of the sentences they want ‘translated’ is almost as difficult as understanding the French!



Rats. Now I have to look at it!



ARGH! You snipped the s off ‘spelling mistakes’ when you quoted me - so now I look semi-literate and a fine one to be talking about spelling mistakes!!! :roll_eyes::joy::joy:


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: I think we’ve all got a touch of the sun, or wet-rot… depending on where we live :wink: :wink:

So I did….whoops. :scream::pray:t2:


I know just what you mean! I took no notice of another thread until the conversation turned to “people” and “folk”. :upside_down_face: