Free firewood for pickup

Hi de hi peeps.

Anyone in the vicinity of Marseillan 34340 is more than welcome to come and take away pine tree logs that we had cut down in 2015. They have been drying at the back of our property for the last 5.5 years. Also, we have lots of pine cones and I just pruned the fig tree today, so there is fresh kindling that could be dried and used later.

Cheers - Steve

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Your chimney sweep won’t thank you for using pine as firewood. Too resinous so get a lot of gunk in chimney. And burns very fast so a lot of work for very little result. Use as kindling instead.


Thanks for the info Jane. I was not aware of that bit of information. If anyone would like to take it away and turn it into kindling, they are more than welcome to it for free. Cheers - Steve


Good luck with that Steve. When they’ve finished in your place I’ve a truck or two’s worth I can contribute too. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Nothing wrong with pine if it’s old and dry. If you were nearer Steve I would have had it.

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Surely if it’s old and very dry it will have lost it’s calorific value and just burn too fast, creating mess and no heat…I’m a fan of Lars Mytting’s Norwegian Wood book and he councils against wood that is too old and dry. Basically says if it feels too light throw it out.

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It is very, very light. I have had a local contact me via Facebook who is interested in taking it away. Will update accordingly.

Cheers - Steve

Yeah I know what you mean! There’s a sweet spot between light and too light!

Pic of small pile at the front of house…

And the larger pile at the back of the house…

I once knew an English guy who bought a house complete with a pine tree forest. He spent many, many months cutting down the trees then logging and stacking them. He showed me his numerous log stacks and very proudly said that he now had enough wood for the next ten years. I didn’t have the heart to say that the wood would probably be rotten before he was able to use it all! I think he gave a lot of it away in the end.

Ours were five large trees. In hindsight we should have two of the back ones. Would block the view of the two story new build looking into our garden!

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How old is to old. Yes very old wood burns fast and throws little heat out. We have some pine that is now 5 years old and will mix it in with our other wood early next year. Our neighbour keeps pointing out that our 10 year old stack of oak will be to dry now and should have been used years ago, but you can only burn so much. With regards to fouling chimneys banking down on a night in my opinion causes more flue soot deposits than burning pine.

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When we moved into the house in June 2015 I got all excited about having a fire during the winter months. It brought back memories of my childhood growing up in New Zealand when we visited my Grandmother in the country. After about a two weeks of getting it eventually lit each night and then putting up with the smoke that would rush out when we had to relight it (along with cleaning it out every day), enough was enough! It is also very large takes up about 1/4 of the living room, so we are exploring way to get it removed so we can have utilise the space in a better way :slight_smile:

We have two wood stoves. They take 5 minutes or less to light, require emptying the ashcan once a week and don’t smoke. The smaller one takes up no more room than a chair and heats a huge space.

Might there be something amiss with your stove or chimney?

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The house is old and it is a huge beast of a fireplace, so no doubt there are a number of issues with it; which is why we want to get rid of it and get back the space in the living room and maybe install a more compact modern unit, as we will still have the hole in the ceiling to deal with. At the moment my time is being consumed with slowly demolishing the outside shower at the back of the property so we can get tall orchard trees planted to stop the new build from looking into our back garden area - which is pretty big as well :slight_smile:

Our solution…

This is our beast!

An old fashioned baby!! I see your problem.

Yes, knock It down and put a modern one in…

Sorry but I would have the old one any day, especially as it looks like it has the warm air system fitted

Ours is a similar system a Supra 16kw 152c with warm air system to each room, heats the whole house, lovely oak logs on last night and a toasty 24 C indoors.
This is ours just before we started the renovations.