Free gîte listing & invite to virtual launch party!

You’re invited to a party.

We’ve been busy creating Holiday Let Exchange this year. It’s designed to allow you, the gîte owners, to chat with loads of holiday makers and really show off your beautiful properties.

The site’s nothing, however, without all your lovely properties. So, we’ve created a really good offer for the first 100 gîtes to be payment, no commitment, lots of publicity.

Have a look at the site. If it’s for you simply follow the simple steps and we’ll put the Champagne on ice!

Thanks Danny.

Bonne chance!

To all of you joining us for the virtual launch, we've set this coming Thursday as the big day. 7.30pm UK time, 8.30pm French time. Be good to see you all for a tipple and a chat :)

Hi Maria. It's all on the (enormous) to do list. We can currently see how many page views each property receives, just a question of creating a nice, user-friendly space in the 'owners' area to give you guys all the facts and figures you'll need - a kind of stripped down google analytics. Watch this space :)

And yes, lots more properties on there, which means the launch is imminent

Danny, I see that more gites have been added to your site. Is there anyway to track how many views a property is receiving? It would be interesting to know.



So you have. Looking splendid too!


I've signed up - bonne chance with the website!


Hi Simon. Le Berceau looking good :)

Very nice. Would be great to get some more places in your oft overlooked area of France.

Also posted a link through our FB page

Hope you don't mind - I passed your offer on to other gite owners in my area, by way of a write-up on my Frogsiders news/blog site.


Looking good.

I'll keep you posted about the party...we're a quarter the way to a hundred already so shouldn't be too long until launch!

Cheers, Danny

I'm in! Thanks for the invitation.

It looks a nice site and I hope it does well.


No worries...we'll get there.

I'm going to leave it for tonight - not meant to be! Thanks anyway Danny :-)

But I just checked out your charming website and don't see why you couldn't pop The Little House on there. I think we could showcase it quite nicely.

And I love the look of your treatment wife's a massage therapist!

Not sure what to advise...I've tested myself and can't see any major glitches.

Short of getting technical and seeing a screengrab I can't really point you anywhere at the moment apart from reiterating it doesn't like any symbols other than numbers.

If you don't manage to get over this hurdle drop me a line and I'll arrange for your info to be uploaded ;)

it persists, I've entered 2, 10 and 4 and it keeps on asking me to enter a whole number??? Thanks :-)

Those fields only like numbers so if you pop any symbols all letters in there it doesn't like it. We're designing some pop-up prompts to make things a bit clearer.

My advice? 'sleeps from' field - 2, 'sleeps to' field - 10, 'bedrooms' field - 4

Yell if it's persists in being nasty to you!

nothing declared yet, but still plenty of time… we’ll wait and see. The harvest this year was the earliest ever recorded, so could be some surprises :slight_smile:

Danny, there’s something wrong with the form, it keeps asking me to enter a whole number, when I put in sleeps 10 people and has 4 bedrooms??? A glitch perhaps? Thanks :slight_smile: