Free invoicing software for your business

This is a great bit of software and it’s free to use (there are limitations on the free package but it is well worth a look).

You can edit all the templates to suit your Auto Entrepreneur business.

I use
free as long as you don’t mind it saying ‘Edité sur’ in small letters at the bottom, and specially designed for micro entreprises eg it automatically puts all the “mentions légales obligatoires” on your invoices, it shows your chiffre d’affaires and how near the ceiling you are, it reminds you when it’s time to submit your URSSAF declaration, it generates relances and mises en demeures for late payers, etc. Admin got so much simpler since I discovered it :grinning:

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That sounds even better!

Oooh. Trying that. Thank you, Anna. My old software now keeps booting me out unless I do a forced ‘upgrade’ ie pay after years of using it. Plus they’ve locked access to years worth of invoices unless I pay up. I refuse out of principle. I’m like that.

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@cat have a gander