Free OnePlus One invitation for SFN members

Having just acquired a very swish OnePlus One smartphone, I now have three 'invitations' whereby someone else can also buy one. I think it still costs €299 plus carriage for the 64GB version, and has received first class reviews, such as this one, though I'd suggest you also Google 'OnePlus One reviews'. These suggest, for example, that it's a "£600 smartphone for £229". I'm certainly very happy with mine.

If anyone is interested, it looks as if these invites are very short-lived, so please email me on satprof 'at' this evening (15 Jan) or first thing tomorrow and I'll pass on any remaining invite.

Sorry, but these invitations expired in the middle of last night, so can no longer be used. Anyone who would like one is welcome to send me an email request & I'll pass on any further invitations on a first come, first served basis.

Just for info, you will need a Paypal account to pay for the phone.