Free Online Course For Beginners

Hello Everyone,

I have released a Free French Course for Beginners so you are more than welcome to check it out by enrolling @ It is my first one so I will love to get feedback once you have completed it! It is also for people who want to refresh their knowledge of French.

In this course, you 'll find

  • Everything you need to start speaking French with confidence - including letters, numbers, pronunciation, greetings, common verbs and their tenses.

  • 21 lessons – including audio spoken by a native French speaker to help with listening and pronunciation.

  • Learn at your own pace - progress is tracked, so you can come back at any time.

A bientĂ´t



Thank you everyone for your lovely comments. I have worked hard on it so I'm very happy if you like it ! I'm writing the second part at the moment... Marjorie, have you eventually managed to register?

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Very clearly laid out and easy to use. I have book marked it for my husband. Now to persuade him to put time aside for it!

Hello I have tried to register and it keep coming up you have 3 attempts

Looks good, thanks. I’m a beginner -no school French to start with ( I did German in high school!) I’ve been living in fence for 6 months now, still feel at a loss. I’m doing alsorts of French learning apps (Duolingo, Babbel) including 1 hr week with a tutor (not that easy tbh!)… Its slow going! I’ll gave a go and see how I get on. BTW I used to teach -so already I like the look of your course as I can see the plan/structure of your course. Very helpful.

This looks a great course - and for free! In that spirit I offer a brand new set of Michel Thomas' 'How To Speak Spanish', on disc if anyone is interested. I'll pay the postage to you if you'll promise to make a small donation to any charity you wish. First come, first served.

Went to Spain for extended periods - love Madrid and some other places but it just does not compare to France hence the offer! Bisous a tous.

About to start these courses.... Hope it's still active???

Oui Richard! ;) Let me know how you go...

How’s everyone getting on with this? Are we all fluent yet?!

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Bonjour Catharine, thank you for asking actually … Hopefully it is a good refresher course for some people! We had a few technical problems with the quizzes but it should be fine now :slight_smile:


Hi Marjorie. I am having the same trouble as you when trying to register and log in - have you been able to sort it now?

Bonjour June,

Sorry about that but I am going to see with the technician regarding this problem… Many people have managed to sign up so I don’t understand why some can and others are not able to sign up!
Will let you know as soon as i know.

Kind Regards,

I have had exactly the same experience as Marjorie.

Ok David, will try to see why it is not working for some…

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Hi. I went back and tried again and this time it was successful.

Hello Francoisè!

I think its sorted now - merci!,


Great !!! Merci June !

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Great David! Hope you like it :slight_smile:

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