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An old friend without a computer has recently suffered a stroke and has asked for help in editing notes he has written over the years to pass on info to his family.
I can copy and edit these notes for him, and Googled for free programmes to assist.
However most “Free” programmes are only a free download and then you are required to pay before proceeding.
I would be extremely grateful for the name of a programme that is truly free to use

Can Google Docs do what you want?


This is the link to Google Docs as @Mat_Davies suggests.
If not already done, you need to create a Google Account after which you can cooperate with various people (as you choose) with your documents which will also be the case for any spreadsheets and other things like Google Keep for shared note taking, shopping lists and the like.
In this case, Google really is your friend!
In a medical context, it really is quite useful to use Google Calendar too (we do) for keep note of medical appointments and the like which can be shared with anyone chosen to look after your old friend’s interests.
The apps can also be downloaded on to a smartphone.

OpenOffice is free as free can be and compatible with MS Office documents.

@NotALot I similarly considered LibreOffice but the OP aksed specifically for a free online document edit which neither of these solutions has.

I presume they have some way of accessing the internet?

Jack @prefect38,
The good thing about Mat @Mat_Davies and Graham’s @graham suggestion is that you can also take photos (from a smartphone) of your friend’s notes and save them in Google Keep along with your copy, if you want.
That way, if there are any words (place-names, people etc) that you don’t recognise as you edit, it will always be there in the photo of the notes.
As they mention, it is very easy to share your documents with your friend’s family, they also just need to create a free Google account (link in Graham’s message).
Or even better, if he wants to tell any stories, or give any information himself, there is a voice-record function in Google Keep too.
I’m available if you need any assistance setting it up.

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Now that is what I like to hear!

Not an online solution, and if a download is in order, then LibreOffice instead, simply from a security perspective.
Otherwise, the online document editing services described here: