Free TV/films etc via internet

Has anyone used - they are selling a gizmo to access media via the web??? I'm not asking about alternatives - just curious about this one. I currently use Netflix and this one seems too good to be true.

Firstly we use a proper media PC. By that I mean a full size quad core PC with 8gb of ram, an SSD for speedy loading of things, a GTX660 graphics card, wired gigabit networking and optical sound outputs.


  • Wired gigabit networking? Some of the blu-ray rips exceed 40gb in size and streaming them from the server needs a fat connection.
  • GTX660? It is a media PC and while a much cheaper card will play big btu - rays, Battlefield 4 and Starwars Battlefront look amazing on a 60" telly if you have the horsepower to max out the settings.
  • Plex media center is reason enough for the quad core and ram.
  • Optical outputs because getting a decent sound output off of all these little TV boxes can be a right pain.

I know this does not answer any of the op's original questions but I am a picture/sound snob if if it is worth watching/playing then it is worth watching/playing properly. I often see setups where money has been spent to aquire X movie and then it is watched in less than standard definition and with laughably bad sound. I don't see the point.

My media PC is composed of cast-off parts with exception of the Chrome cast which, if you don't have one... go and buy one. Brilliant except for poor sound performance (no DTS or Dolby Atmos support)

As for watching 'free' movies and TV shows? Bittorrent them. The providers of these free services were most likely nicking the content anyway so you might as well cut out the middle man.

Because the media PC is just a normal PC running windows 10 it will work with every single site out there. YouTube, Twitch, Netflix, BBC iPlayer vessel Amazon Prime to name but a few and setup is no mystery BECAUSE it is just a PC.

Playing content off of other devices in the house is a piece of cake because it is a PC.

Oh and you will never have the dreaded problems of slowing down over time because unlike a desktop PC you will not exactly install many things on it.

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I have used FILMON on the PC but could not get it to work on my Orange-TV box as it was unable to load flashplayer.

There are many alternatives to filmon. If you use Kodi either through an android box or via a mac/laptop you also have access to or on-Tap tv. Both of which offer both free (bbc etc) and premium services (sky tv). If you prefer french tv that to can be added. They are all there.HD quality is available but can be altered if your internet is not up to it.

I happily watched free for a couple of months -- then received this message: "Our Free SD Streams are funded by advertisements. In order for us to continue bringing you quality content free of charge, please disable your ad-blocking software."

I "allowed" the Filmon site on Ghostery -- but that didn't work. I consulted Filmon, who suggested I used Mozilla Firefox instead of Chrome. That enabled me to watch for another couple of weeks, before receiving the same message. As far as I know, I have no ad-blocking software on Firefox.

So I gave up on UK TV -- which is probably not such a bad thing. My French improves all the time, watching French TV -- and I have Al Jazeera English when I really feel the need for English-speaking TV news. And I still have Radio 4 on iPlayer!

For an android box it is expensive. I would shop around first. There are plenty out there that include accessories they are charging for. If you include the keyboard it brings the cost they are charging to 100pound plus. And you will need a keyboard to set it up. It may be preloaded but you will still have to input usernames, passwords etc and it makes email, surfing a whole lot easier.

Also if you check out their FAQ section it clearly says that "live tv" is not available. If you want this the alternative boxes have this addon preloaded. You can add it on your self to any box.Netflix can be added very easily to any box! Sadly they don't actually tell you which addons it are preloaded which leads me to think it is too good to be true it probably is.

there are a few internet sites where you can access movies and series for free for example

There is also:

Completly free and no download. bbc and 199 orher channels

It is a Raspberry Pi with Kodi (originally XBMC, /r/xbmc) loaded with several third party add ons. It is not supported by's official website, but instead. I have looked at it, but there is something fishy when Raspberry Pi is perfectly good, so is Kodi, but generally it looks like another product in the scramble for the market.

Filmon is no longer free!

It hasn’t been for a couple of months now.