Free 'Who Do You Think You Are?' Event this Friday (7th Oct) in the Gard

Dear All

I thought you might be interested in this FREE self-development event being put on for the Anglophone community of the Gard, which will take place this Friday 7th October 2016 from 0930-1230 at: L’Olivaie de Coste Belle restaurant,30201, Saint-Bonnet-du-Gard.

(A lovely 3 course Mediterranean lunch is available after the event at a cost of 15.50 euros).

“Who do you think you are?”

How to know yourself better and get what you want from others without really trying!
Date: Friday 7th October 2016 0930-1200hrs
Venue: L’Olivaie de Coste Belle restaurant at St. Bonnet du Gard near Nimes

This will be an exclusive free and fun workshop (followed by lunch, of course!) facilitated by relationship expert and performance coach Brian Langston who lives in Herault.

Brian will lead a humorous and interactive morning event aimed at equipping the attendees with a greater level of self-awareness and strategies for dealing with those irritating people who get right up your nose.
He will explain why you react in a certain way in some situations and help you to understand why some people have a knack of pushing your buttons.

If you have ever felt frustration at the way some people behave, this is the event for you.
As well as coming away with a greater understanding of your own behavioural preferences, you will be better equipped to deal with opposite personality types.
The benefits include:
• Greater self awareness
• Improved self-confidence
• Reduced stress
• Improved relationships with family, friend and work colleagues
• Better sex lives
(OK we lied about the last one- just to make sure you were paying attention!)

Due to venue restrictions attendance is limited to the first 50 attendees to register.
The workshop will conclude at 1200 and will be followed by lunch at the restaurant….

We had great fun running the event last week in Herault for the Ladies in Languedoc after which the organiser Nicole Hammond said;

Brian was a charming, charismatic and engaging host of the WDYTYA workshop given to over thirty discerning ladies who all thoroughly enjoyed themselves! The session was highly interactive and Brian kept everyone’s attention throughout the whole two hour presentation with his witty delivery and intriguing insights into how we perceive ourselves, and others around us. We all left wanting to know more about personality colour profiling! A resounding success!

Friday’s session is open to everyone- even blokes!..but places are limited so please reserve your place with me at

Further information can be found here