Free WiFi for Europeans

Free Wifi for Europeans

Do you think it includes pour old Blighty ? :wink: :smiling_imp:

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We are “Taking back Control” so we don’t want any of that free Wi-Fi from those ‘Europeans’!!! :slight_smile:



Wow!! That’s a great news

The info-video seems to suggest free installation and free access to a limited number of essential government services.

I don’t think it should be assumed that access to other services would be free, and there might be a ‘standing charge’ to cover the energy and maintenance costs of supplying the service, based on metered usage.

that’s a great news, internet is a fundamental and most important thing in the world. it will be great for many students .

Because how could they survive without snapchat etc?

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Can we please have a landline that works?

try using this adress for free wifi

But that is just any home network ip address. Eg 192.168.x.x

Sam… what does “19216812” link me to???