Freelance English teachers - what's it like out there?

i've decided to take the plunge and take a TEFL course - probably the 4 week programme in Toulouse. It's pretty expensive but looks to be very practical.

wondered how you are all finding the working environment this year? I live in the Tarn so I have Toulouse, Albi and Carcassonne within a 'working' drive...

eventually i'd be looking for freelance / ad-hoc work to fit in around my b&b, graphic design and seo work (jill of all trades!)

x Teresa

thanks Annie that's great info... Especially the airport advice... Toulouse is within 45 of me, and Carcassonne is equally close, smaller, but v. 'english'!

we have airbus quite near us too. actually it's the whole flying thing that started me off on this road of discovery... someone at dinner mentioned an acquaintance who worked for france air traffic control teaching english pronunciation - 'tis tricky she said to teach 'ship' and 'sheep' but probably quite important for a plane!

Hi Teresa

Yes Chamber of Commerce and Industry. MOH does quite a bit for them here and also for some of the large industries (direct). There is likely to be someone who has the contract for airport staff etc in your region so find out who and contact them (the pay is better). If you do students try using CESU (Cheque d'emploi Service Universal) you get paid direct by the client, the client pays your cotisations and they can also claim against tax. If you use Autoentrepeneur, you need to charge double as you will be responsible for your cotisations and tax but you can't claim expenses! Feel free to ask for more info but I am sure there are other folk on SFN who know more than me.

Enjoy teaching


Thanks Annie - excellent (and positive!) advice... shame you are practically at the other end of the country from me! your B&B and Gites look lovely and it sounds that the teaching work is fitting in with that business - something i'm hoping to do...

My 'local CCI' is the Chamber of Commerce yes? - i've been here nearly a year but still pretty hopeless with French acronyms...

x teresa

Hi Teresa

I finished my on line teaching certificate in February and have already got 4 students without advertising. They are all under 18s so it means really Wednesdays and Saturdays. I also had a job last year (pre qualification) as a teaching assistant in a lycee, they didn't want anything other than someone who was a native English speaker -so yes there is work about. Try your local CCI, they will be running courses and are always looking for native speakers to keep on their books especially when they have requests for one to one courses.

Good luck