Freesat channel adjustments

Some channel re jigging and loss of 3 radio stations (2 of which I used to enjoy)

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I’ll miss Planet Rock, that’s annoying.

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Why don’t you get an Amazon Firestick? With a VPN you can get all UK channels, lots of films etc free. Easy to set up and very reliable - and we only have a 4G internet.

Yep, one of the favorites, have to see where else it is streemed.

Certainly will look into it and the latest version has dropped the Amazon logo. (How to tell the difference)

Downloaded the Planet radio app to my phone so I can stream it from there to the low fi.

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Just bought one to give it a try. Have the Freesat box as well.

Don’t even need that Freesat Box…also be wise to get a VPN and make sure it is set to GB (as it shows…) so no issues with BBC etc.

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2 tv’s hence additional and always like a plan B. O/H needs to have a simple to operate (when I am not there) hence eachway bet.