Freesat issues

Hi just wondering if anyone else is having problems with Freesat, over the last couple of days the signal appears to be intermittent

Any particular channel?

Flicked “the box” on last night but only caught about 30 seconds of broadcast TV.

Nope no problems at all. Maybe the heat, or your LNB going into retirement.

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No problems in 86.

I’ve lost the volume on some channels :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’ve had problems for several months now, on all channels, particularly Channel 4 and with the exception of Channel 5. It happens when I first turn to those channels and mostly I can resolve it by switching to the next channel up or down and then back again. 90% of the time after that it is ok, until I change to another channel again. Then the same procedure. Bizarre.

Normally this only happens in the evening as I am on the radio, via Freesat, all day long and that is hardly ever affected.

This is in N. Dordogne, 24

No problems in 63 that were immediately apparent, but I didn’t test all of the channels.