French alternative to Parmesan

Hi everyone

I was just wondering if there is a French alternative to Italian parmesan cheese. Does anyone have any suggestions please?

Many thanks.

No idea but it should be fairly easy to get Parmesan in France

Oh yes it’s very easy to get parmesan here I just wanted to try a French alternative.

My spider sense thought that might be the case :slight_smile:

Not liking cheese much personally I’m not the best person to ask - something firm and made from cow’s milk, Comté vieux perhaps? Or Laguiole.

I’m not a massive cheese fan either, particularly the really smelly stuff, so normally stick to the milder and creamier French cheeses. I will look out for the ones you have suggested. Thank you.

Be warned I just googled for something that sounded similar - let me know how it turns out :slight_smile:

There is nothing produced in France which resembles Parmesan whether Grana or Reggiano. The closest cheese from elsewhere is Sbrinz and that is Swiss and it differs from Parmesan in that the rind is washed with brine rather than oil.
Neither Comté nor Laguiole bears the slightest resemblance to Parmesan, the texture and way of behaving when heated are completely different, not just the taste.


Our local marche (Felletin) has an artisan produced mature Brebis, quite a hard sheep cheese. A ( little) bit like parmesan IMO. A favourite with the tourists until they get the price!

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It sounds like Véronique knows what she’s talking about - I’d go with her advice or Mark’s over mine!

Thanks everyone. It was worth a try.

I use Grand Padano a cheaper alternative to Parmesan., available in Lidl or Leclerc

Agreed. In terms of crystalline structure (and therefore “grate-/flake-ability” the nearest that might be found would be a dry goat’s cheese, but then that would certainly not have the same flavour :slight_smile:


There is this option - it’s surprisingly good.

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