French and Italian online (and usually in Paris) classes

Good evening everyone,

with James’ permission, I would like to present you my French and Italian online classes! I’m based in Paris, and I’m available for online classes at this time of quarantine. I have experience with English-speaking students and would be glad to help you improve your speaking, listening, writing, and reading skills.
For more informations and reviews from my students, feel free to visit my new website and if you’re interested, you can book a 30’ free trial session, so that we can talk about your needs and my teaching method.

Bonne nuit,

Manuela Fellus

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Hi Manuela
I have had a quick look at your website - but I have to admit I am really struggling to read the text, as it is a light coloured font on a white background - or my eyesight is much worse than I had realised!

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Hi Mat, thank you so much for taking the time to give me your feedback! These colors were a first idea, but I’m definitely going to change them, if it’s difficult to read! Thanks again, it’s very kind of you.

Have a good night


Hi Manuela,

I like your website but I agree that some of the text would benefit from a little more contrast. I am working from books at the moment as a beginner but I will consider lessons with you when I have a better basic idea of the language and vocabulary.

I had a look at the website too and agree, it’s not great. Happily Manuela is teaching French and Italian, not web design. I have no affiliation with this, in fact I only briefly exchanged messages with her last night before suggesting she post here as I’m sure a few of you would take her up on her offer of a free intro class which may result in improves language skills for you and further business for her.

Please do so and leave some feedback here or DM me if you prefer. I may share this with the Facebook groups in a few days so I suggest you book early if you’re interested. :slight_smile:

in bocca al lupo! :wink:

Thanks to you all for your feedbacks, I’ve changed the colors last night, and trying to find the right associations for maximum readability.

I’ll be glad to meet you if you ever feel the need to improve your language skills.

Crepi il lupo, Andrew!


I would be interested to know how many classes per week you would think would be useful.

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Most of my students take a two-hour class every week, but some of those who want to speed things up can take two or three classes per week, it really depends on the students’ needs, and on whether or not there is time to study and practice outside the lessons, which is also a very important factor in order to improve and make the most of everything we learn together.

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That is a very good point right now.

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