French Bank Account and Mobile Phone

Hi All We have Friends who have property in Portugal and have obtained Portuguese nationality. They have a property in Paris and are having difficulties paying the tax hab and foncier as France will not accept payments from a Portuguese bank account. They have been transferring money to us and we have been paying for them.

As well as this they would like a French mobile phone and a French bank account. They have been told they need a Carte de séjour. As she is a fonctionnaire in Portugal does anyone know how she can get a Carte de Séjour for France?

Regards Nick

Firstly, we (as UK nationals living in UK )obtained a French bank account to serve expenses/taxes for our holiday home in France… with no problem… so I am wondering what is so different for Portuguese folk …

I suspect wires have become crossed and/or major misunderstandings…

if she has

it seems unnecessary (probably unavailable anyway) to obtain a CdS in France. Has this been discussed with the French Banque?

and there’s a reply on another thread, about getting a French sim card sent to wherever…

Hi Thanks I will look into the SIM card issue.

I just phoned ÇA Britline our Bank and they confirmed that residents of UK, Ireland and France can open accounts. Not Portugal or other EU countries.

Our Friends have been to French Banks around Paris and have been told they have to have a Carte de Séjour to open an account!



Ah well, it’s obvious then, that Paris’ French Banks only want French Residents as Customers!! :rofl:

On the other hand… I simply don’t believe there isn’t a mix-up… somewhere along the line.

In some situations, I’ve been asked for a CdSejour ( this was before we needed to have one)… and I showed my UK passport instead… no problem…


Thank you for that but I see in the article that it says that you need a proof of your French residence status such as a French visa. Am I being dense but as an EU citizen (Portuguese) they can come and live in France as they want but if there more than 180 days would need to register as tax resident?



I have sent the Bunq link onto our Friend and will let you know if she can open an account with them.


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This article was intended in the leadup to the 2022 tax declaration round but is relevant now, nonetheless…

which includes this section:

So much would depend on your friends intentions.
When talking about 180 days, are you referring to the limits placed on TCNs?

You may find the bank gets unhappy about this because of anti-money-laundering legislation, beware.

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surely open a non-resident account? CA defo had them.

Also opening at the bricks and mortar branch near the property will make sense.

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…and the fisc…
I would keep all the emails explaining these funds flows, if I were you.


Thank you for all of that.

I have just about had it with the stupidity of money laundering rules. We have just been back in the UK with £55 of old notes no longer valid in the UK, we went to the bank to change them and we’re told we could not unless we had a UK bank account where they would be paid to (£55, I ask you) but I do appreciate that we might have to account for money being paid to us, so keep records.

My Friend works for a Portuguese University but could spend more than 180 days in France, she also travels a lot on EU projects. Sorry I am not sure what TNC,s are (Transnational Corporations?) No I was thinking of the UK France double taxation treaty where you are tax resident if you spend more than 180 days in either country (or the most days if you also spend time elsewhere) I am not sure if Portugal France have a similar treaty.



Not sure why but my friend assures me she has been to the banques herein France and they tell here that she has to provide and Carte de Séjour no mention was made of an expat account.

This could be the banques fault, we have found down in the Tarn that the Banques do not know the rules They convinced my wife who is/ was a ME that she had to have a business account, she went into URSSAF they assured her that a business account was not required. As the Business account was costing more than her earnings some years we managed to get it cancelled after jumping through lots of hoops.

apologies - using abbreviations I thought were common knowledge these days.
TCN = Third Country National - in the EU context, a non European such as (now) UK citizens since Brexit.

Have I totally lost the plot…
I thought the person seeking a French Bank Account was now a Portuguese National.
thus NOT a Third-Country whatever… and what is wanted is an account with something like Credit Agricole Bank… (NOT CA Britline)… for a European Non-resident who has a Maison Secondaire in France.
Need to prove French property address/ownership… need to prove Identity (Portuguese passport)… need to deposit funds and talk the whole thing through with someone.

Some Brits like CA Britline, but we’ve used Credit Agricole Bank local to our village and it works well… any major bricks and mortar bank should do…

EDIT: Paris has lots of Credit Agricole… BNP… and others… surely one near to the “property”…


I don’t see why it is so complicated and why it needs your intervention, surely if this Portuguese person is a university lecturer they aren’t a half-wit and have plenty of time in the lovely long holidays to sort it out themselves. In any case what applies to tcns doesn’t apply in this case.


Hi they are brits with dual British Portuguese nationality fluent in French English and Portuguese. You would have thought this was simple but the French banks tell them they need a carte de séjour to open an account. They have tried several banks with the same result.

I contacted ÇA Britline and they told me accounts were only available to British Irish and French residents.

As far as they can determine they need to get a carte de séjour for France.

France will not accept payments from a Portuguese bank for payment of taxe foncière or taxe d,habitations.



Why are you focused on Britline Nick? This is not a service for Portuguese which sounds like is now the best way to be presenting thrmselves.

I think a lot of us just went to any bricks and mortar bank, and it might well be a CA but the mainstream part of CA, in the nearest village, gave the address of the property, accepted any offer to send any letters from the bank to a Portuguese address rather than to the property for now, provided a few bits of ID (Portuguese) and probably evidence of an existing account with a Portuguese bank, made an initial deposit… perhaps had a letter from the notaire confirming the sale on me and perhaps have ready a copy of the deeds just in case… my account was called non-resident with CA and long ago I think the one I had with SocGen was called “externe”.

In fact I’m pretty sure banks in EU aren’t allowed to refuse opening an account to a citizen of another country. Talk to the mairie for the property if they’re still having trouble and I suppose you could also try the Post Office bank