French Banking

To be honest with you I’m not bothered, I have TransferWise to use for everything else bar car and house insurance and the other account as well, it was just to have a joint account but bar the above items I doubt either account will be used much as we both are with TransferWise anyway.

To add to my previous post, Dutch mobile/web bank Bunq, another fintech in the N26, Starling Bank, Revolut mold of digital only banks, have literally yesterday I think started doing local FR IBANs for customers resident in France. Unfortunately unlike those others mentioned they do follow the french bank route of charging a monthly fee for most customers, but they’re a very interesting bank, a little left-field in terms of their approach and outlook and for anyone who doesn’t require bank branches or cheque books and fancy a bank very much from the 21st century they’re definitely worth a look at.

I’ve been quite impressed with small details like the fact that they do create RIBs which you can download, one of the few non french banks I’ve come across who do, and unlike the likes of Revolut, Wise, Monese etc are a fully regulated bank so have the same protection (100k€ maybe?) that all EU banks have in the incredibly unlikely situation that the shoot should hit the fan. They’re not as publicity hungry as fintechs like Monzo and Revolut so tend to be nobody’s first thought which is a shame as they’re doing some really interesting, innovative stuff.

Blog post about FR IBAN launch here:

Are Bunq accepting new UK accounts, I know they had stopped due to Brexit :thinking: