French banks accounts - cash up for grabs!

If you are thinking about opening a French bank account, you could do a lot worse than Mona bank. Me and Mr H have had both our personal and business accounts with them for Well over five years now and as banks go, they are very good. The app / interface is also extremely user friendly which counts for a lot in my book.

They are currently doing their ‘sign up a friend and you both get get free money’ promotions… This is one of the more generous schemes on the market so it won’t be around long.

They are offering up to 120€ If you open an account with them - if you are interested, DM me your name / email and I will sign you up!

Don’t spend it all at once!

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How much are the monthly fees pls ? Im new on here so not sure how to do Private Messages

Hi either free or 2e depending on what you go for. Just click on my avatar and you will get the option to dm me :slight_smile:
Send me info please


Hi is it possible to have an English version please

I don’t think so.

Copy and paste what you need into Google Translate - these days it’s close enough.

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Hi please can you send me some information, thanks.


The offer only lasts until 30 October so get your skates on people!
I would like the info too please. Thank you