French beds doubles or bigger

Wanted 2 x wooden bedframes/beds ornate or sleigh style doubles, kings or queens in or near 87…

We were recently after a super king 200x200 but had trouble finding anybody who could deliver on the day we wanted. We ended up with as they would allow us to choose delivery date. Not sure if they do the style you are after though. Good luck

I can’t see you on the map @ratman to see where about in 87 you are, but everyone round here uses Maximum Ressourcerie in Mailhac-sur-Benaize as the go to for stuff like that. The main place is alongside the dechetterie in Mailhac and there’s also a smaller store in Bellac. But that could be miles away from you, or alternatively 5 minutes away and you’ve already tried without luck.

thanks for the replies, I should have been more specific with the posting sorry we are looking for second hand frames if we can get them, when over last time we had a look in the brocante in Emoutier as this is our nearest but had no luck.

Le bon coin sometimes have people having “open days” to clear properties of furniture, might be worth seeing if anyone has anything within a certain radius of your home.

Yep, house clearance and, in some cases, Emmaus and vide greniers can be a useful source. :+1:

Purely by chance, we gained an ancient wooden bed, when folk across the road were moving… and, at the last minute, decided they didn’t want to take all the stuff…
OK it’s only 4ft wide but, with a new mattress, it makes a lovely single or (as friends have been delighted to find) it makes a very cuddly double. :wink:

We’ve heard about a house clearance that takes place at lake Vassiviere every year so its definitely an option and would enjoy a good root about as its apparently like a giant car boot in the uk.
We are over with a large van mid july so was hoping to pick something up then while we have the means to collect although there’s no rush as the house isn’t quite ready…Thanks

Look up Brocante et vide-grenier 23 - Creuse - Brocabrac choose your preferred region and away you go for ‘car boots’ and house clearances.

Great links now added to my favourites, just my luck there’s one in our village the day before we arrive.