French bus driver slaps boy

I do remember when I was at school (approx 16) having knocked on a bus window to say goodbye to a friend the bus driver got off the bus and full on punched me in the face!

Nothing was made of it - nowadays the driver would have lost his job.

Looks like deja vu all over again, James. Either that or this forum has developed a worrying Groundhog Day tendency of presenting the same topics as new when they’ve already been chewed out and stuck on the bedpost.

Didn’t this slappy busdriver story get an airing about a week ago elsewhere?

Or am I going doolally? :thinking::confused::grin:

From what I have read… the general public (France) reckons the lad should have been firmly disciplined by his parents a long time ago… and they are in support of the bus driver… who was doubtless in shock after nearly running the lad over… :relaxed:

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I was thinking the same thing as I actually replied to it but its not here.

[quote=“smwsplr, post:4, topic:22517, full:true”] in support of the bus driver… who was doubtless in shock after nearly running the lad over… :relaxed:

And that was the precise tenor of my own comment when this topic first appeared… so what’s going on for threads to disappear, Tommy Cooper style “Just like that!” :thinking::confused:?


Peter I suspect it was in the middle of another thread… it does happen… threads wander according to the whim of the forum… :relaxed: nothing whatsoever to do with the amount of alcohol imbibed with lunch… or diner… or breakfast (???)

It may well come to light one of these days… :wink::relaxed:

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Another Goble conspiracy theory flies into the zapper! RIP… :cry::grin::broken_heart:

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Here it is Pete, and everyone else. A short-lived topic.


Thanks, Mandy and others who have responded to my bewilderment. The threads can be a bit of a maze to negotiate at times. :thinking:

Well it’s hardly surprising it’s difficult to find as the title of the post is nothing to do with the subject matter :dizzy_face:

The easiest way to find things like this is to either do a search using key words or just check your activity log.


It always has been a bit of a muddle to follow a thread but it is much better than it used to be.