French (business) Bank Accounts

I’m part of a group which Co - owns a Brittany house . For various practicalities we set up a UK limited company (of which we are all shareholders) as the means to purchase and own the house .

It is proving very difficult to open a french account in the company name Because it’s an English company and none of us live in Brittany full time.

Barclays could do it but would require to the passports of all ten of us at the time,which is unfeasible.

Can anyone suggest an account or a solution to this?

Many thanks


Ask my partner at BNP- Karl Apenelae. Email : or
Credit Agricole “Britline”
They are both good at that.


I would think that any bank would require the passports of all those named on an account

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All banks have to comply with Know Your Customer regulations. If they didn’t bother, it would be so easy for money launderers to slip the odd false name or two onto multi-holder accounts…, so good luck with finding a bank that will take that risk.