French business plan template?

Dear All,

We've been thinking about setting up a new business that will require significantly more funding than our previous ones and therefore the bank has asked us to draw up a business plan with the aid of an accountant.

Unfortunately the 'perfect' property has just come up and we need to move fast... whilst all the Comptables recommended by our bank are on holiday.

So, in order to try to get ahead, I have drawn up a presentation of the proposed activity and got approval in principal from the Mairie.

While this will form a good basis for 'context', I now need to tackle the financial bit.

All the French language websites and templates that I have found online seem to be for Canada however!

Does anyone have ideas or recommendations for a French business plan assistance site or template, please?

Thanks all in advance,


Ps. The activity would be 'brocante/depot de vente' plus associated activities.

Thank you Steve!

Have a look here :>

This is what I used a while back