French Carpet laying

Can anyone solve this for me?

Recently purchased property is carpeted - underneath which are beautiful floorboards just waiting to see the light of day - however all carpets appear to be GLUED down - I managed one small room with a scraper and copious amounts of acetone to remove the glue (definitely not recommended on H&S grounds, not to mention the labour involved!). Is there another way, a solvent perhaps, which the carpet could be soaked with and then just peel off? Any comments or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Dilys

Thanks will give it a go

David, Many thanks - will give it a try.


white spirit worked very well on some old lino covered floorboards, worth a try ;-)

The acetone is a solvent but clearly not effective in your case. A lot of these glues are based on some sort of petroleum based solvent. Try white spirit which is a petrol distillate if that doesn't work then try an alcohol. Alcool à bruler is widely available in the droguerie section of your local hyper. If you have an old fashioned droguerie then consulting the proprietor is not a bad idea. They can be a mine of information on this sort of thing