French CBeebies?


Does anyone know if there is an equivalent french kiddies tv channel like CBeebies in the UK?

The main thing I’m looking for are educational style cartoons (e.g Alphablocks, I can Cook etc) as opposed to villain whacks innocent cartoon victim whilst laughing hysterically type japanese cartoons.



Thanks Evelyne, will have a look! Just what I’ve been waiting for :slight_smile:

My son surprised me the other day by showing me BBC France on internet. We don’t watch TV but the children have access to the net so they find lots of interesting sites (and some not so good!)

There is a section for children with Tweenies and so on. So have a look. It tells you on which French channel and when the programs are broadcasted. It’s good for adults as well as all the programs are in French :wink:

Hi Suzanne,
Like you I have looked around for a decent kid’s channel. on the normal kind of free package you have Gulli which has some ok programs at times (the cooking one), but the only way i’ve found for my kids not to look at these violent japanese mamnga things is on boomrang with the pink panthere, tom and jerry, bugs bunny… not that educational but at least not agressive!!
hope someone will come up with the answer!!